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BARBICIDE Concentrate for disinfecting instruments 1:16 480ml

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Disinfectant (concentrate) for use by hairdressers, pedicure masters, manicures, beauty salons, sports clubs, medical institutions and tanning studios. Suitable for stainless steel tools, as well as acrylic and plastic surfaces. It is an effective fungicide, bactericide and virocide. The effectiveness of the remedy against staphylococcus, Salmonella, HIV (AIDS), and hepatitis B and C has been proven. It contains a formula that prevents the formation of rust, which allows the use of a tool to disinfect any instrument. Contact time - 10 minutes. Mixing ratio 1:16 with water.

Barbicide is an international symbol of purity! Barbicide is the undisputed leader in the world in the production of disinfectants for hair salons and SPA centers!

Barbicide has become an icon in the professional beauty industry - it symbolizes a safe and clean environment for cosmetic procedures, from haircuts to a pedicure. All Barbicide disinfectants are EPA registered (EPA - Environmental Protection Agency) and comply with the quality of medical facilities. The Barbicide brand appeared under the auspices of the American company King Research (now the BluEco brand), which has its roots in 1947. The intense blue color of Barbicide is an international symbol of purity that has been used by the brand from its inception to the present.

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