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Disposable liquid pads for oily and problem skin. Deeply cleanses of impurities and sebum, reduces inflammation, heals the skin, prevents the formation of comedones and significantly tightens pores.

Deep cleansing
Skin type
For oily skin
Product type
Cosmetics tissues

Women have the ability to improve their looks, maintain their youth and feel wonderful. Today, this special thinking - the desire to take a basic thing like beauty treatment and make it wonderful, has become part of our DNA as a company, both as a business concept and in product development. - Develop and create for more and more women around the world a wonderful feeling. Understand the needs of modern skin and find the innovative materials that will help every woman maintain a young, healthy and beautiful look.

The values

GIGI Cosmetics Laboratories is a company of people. The value system we have formulated in recent years is based on our work since time immemorial and constitutes the 'soul' of GIGI laboratories. We make sure to maintain full transparency in the field of production, compliance with international standards and constant quality control to ensure that our consumer audience receives the best of the best and without fear. In addition, maintaining regular contact with beauticians contributes to a deeper recognition of the professional field and finding new solutions and methods in the field of professional care.

Warranty accompanies us in our work: warranty for the environment, warranty for quality, health and especially warranty for the creation of pure, clean cosmetics and care products without fear of use on the face and body. We are committed to the professional user audience as well as to every woman and woman who uses the care products of GIGI Cosmetics Laboratories, in Israel or around the world.

The staff

We are proud of the spirit of our team and are determined to constantly create a winning team in all areas of the company's activities. We treat our staff as a family where trust and mutual respect are top priorities. This is the only way we can strive for common goals, meet challenges and win. The connection between our vision and values ​​shapes the way we operate and requires us to re-examine everything, improve the existing, reach more and more women and men around the world, reach more markets with unique concepts, innovative solutions, products that improve their quality of life and conduct high value business. For anyone who is in touch with our company.

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Šī tīmekļa vietne izmanto sīkfailus

Mēs izmantojam sīkfailus, lai personalizētu saturu un reklāmas, nodrošinātu sociālo saziņas līdzekļu funkcijas un analizētu mūsu datplūsmu. Informāciju par to, kā jūs izmantojat mūsu vietni, mēs arī kopīgojam ar saviem sociālās saziņas līdzekļu, reklamēšanas un analīzes partneriem, kuri to var apvienot ar citu informāciju, ko viņiem sniedzat vai ko viņi apkopo, kad lietojat viņu pakalpojumus. Sīkāka informācija par sīkdatnēm skatīt šeit.