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Eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelashes that are well-groomed, face-shaped, and well-liked are one of the cornerstones of a convincing look. Creating the right eyebrow and eyelash line can give your face a harmonious expression, highlight the natural lines of nature. However, for most women, natural eyelashes and eyebrows are fairly light, so they should be tinted or painted to create more pronounced lines and an eye area.
Eyebrow and eyelash hairs are fragile, and the skin eye area is very sensitive, so eyelashes and eyebrow dyeing require professional and gentle care. You can buy them at the Salonline store - online and in-store in the warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional cosmetics, brand products and salon equipment in the Baltic States. The product range also includes everything you need to dye eyelashes and eyebrows. It is a product of reliable brands, chosen by salon specialists in their work, and can be used for home eyelash and eyelash painting.
In the Salonline store online and in-house, you can buy high-quality eyelashes and eyebrow colors in a variety of shades - brown, black, graphite, blue. Also in the product range you will find everything you need for a safe and gentle dyeing process - tools for cleaning before painting, removing paint stains from your skin. Color developers are also available. You can also buy ready-made kits for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows with the necessary tools.

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