Accessories for hair

Different hair accessories are a way to make the visual image even more refined and beautiful. Hair accessories are also indispensable for fixing and fixing hair, for example, by creating specific hairstyles and hair arrangements. Hair jewelry and accessories are indispensable not only in hairdressing salons, but also in every woman's house. They are useful both for everyday life and for fun at festive occasions.
Salonline is the largest distributor of professional hair cosmetics and accessories in the Baltics. We collaborate with world-renowned and reputable brands, chosen by hairdressers and industry professionals for their work. We have made sure that our customers have access to a wide range of quality hair accessories.
The Salonline range includes a variety of hair buckles, hairpins, hairpieces and hair ornaments. All this will be useful not only for adult women, but also for small ladies, for creating beautiful hairstyles. The Salonline range also includes dummy heads with natural hair that are indispensable for hairdressing training and work skills.
Good quality accessories for hair will be a great investment as they will last long, there will be no worries that their quality will disappoint at a very important moment. High quality jewelery and accessories are especially important for thick and long hair as it is more complicated to control them and make hairstyles. Durable and high quality hair clips and hairpins will be an absolute necessity.

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