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Cleanliness and disinfection measures in the beauty salon should not only relate to tools and work surfaces, but also to the master and client's body - hands, nails, feet. Appropriate and professional disinfectants should be used for safe and high-quality beauty treatments, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure. In the Salon Line online store and store-warehouse in Riga you can find a wide range of all the necessary disinfectants for hand, nail and foot treatment.
Salon Line is a direct distributor of professional care and decorative cosmetics and salon equipment in the Baltic States. All the goods are directly received from the best and most reliable manufacturers of the products of the industry, whose brands have already earned the trust of beauty and salon customers. Disinfectants will be indispensable for every beauty salon, hairdresser and master equipment for both work and everyday needs.
The range of products includes antiseptics for the treatment of hands, nails and feet before and after procedures such as Barbicide, Jessica, Look, Sinelco. Disinfectants are available in convenient packaging, including spray. Alcohol-free disinfectants are also available.
Disinfectants on hands, nails and feet will kill bacteria by reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Effectively against tuberculosis, golden staphylococci, fungi, viruses, hepatitis B and C. The products do not irritate or dry the skin.

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