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SALON LINE - a local, Latvian company, founded in 2001, is the leader in the supply and sales of cosmetics, accessories, electrical appliances, and equipment in the Baltics for the world's most popular brands in the professional beauty industry. www.salonline.lv is not only an online store but also a team of professionals in a field. Guided by shared values, we have been working to benefit our customers for more than 20 years, to offer each of our customers the best service and provide the best results. Our customers can choose the most convenient way of shopping:

- to make purchases in the professional beauty goods store SALON LINE, Lastadijas Street 14, Riga (individuals and legal entities)

- to make purchases in the specialized online store of professional beauty products www.salonline.lv (individuals and legal entities)

- to make purchases in a wholesale structure (legal entities)

SALON LINE - 35000+ professional beauty products for the salon and home use / 250+ brands / 3000m2 + warehouse

hair / face / body / nails / hands / feet / cosmetics / accessories / electrical appliances / hardware / equipment / furniture / SPA pools / for professionals / future professionals / salons / centers / SPA salons / industry schools / pharmacies / shops / hairdressers / hairdresser’s stylists / for visual image masters / cosmetologists / beauticians / SPA specialists / masseurs / manicures / pedicures / piercing specialists / make-up artists

SALON LINE values that make us different, make us feel and be special:

A team

We are proud of our solid, professional team of specialists who want to grow and develop. Since 2001, during the operation of the company, every employee who has worked at SALON LINE has contributed to the development of the company and helped SALON LINE to become a leader! The team's motto - always ahead! Always better!


Our customers are our most prominent value therefore, we always try to provide excellent customer service when purchasing products in our store-base, Lastadijas Street 14, Riga, online store www.salonline.lv using an online consultant, or in our wholesale structure.

Clients: anyone interested in caring for their beauty and provided quality products, impeccable service and shopping safety / industry professionals / future professionals / beauty salons / beauty centres / SPA salons / industry schools / pharmacies / shops / hairdressers / hairdressers stylists / visual image masters / beauticians / beauticians / SPA specialists / masseurs / manicures / pedicures / piercing specialists / make-up artists

Knowledge / Seminars / Training sessions / Learning Centre - SALON LINE

We believe that the knowledge of our team and close cooperation with partners - manufacturers or their official representatives, increases the value of the offered products and customer service because we can provide comprehensive information about the offered products. Specialists of our team regularly attend training seminars that are led by local and foreign lecturers to improve their level of knowledge and professional qualification.

In the SALON LINE Training Centre, we offer to our clients and followers to attend training sessions, lectures, webinars of various topics with local and foreign lecturers, which correspond to modern trends, client wishes, and current events in the beauty industry.


Thanks to the knowledge of our employees and interest in each customer, we provide more to our customers than self-service stores and online stores. We consider each conversation with the client as an investment in further, mutually binding, long-term cooperation.

Thanks to the opportunities provided by the company - direct cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the industry or their official representatives, training sessions, a broad, up-to-date product range, always available products, fast deliveries, SALON LINE provides its customers with safe, always up to date shopping.

Products / Cooperation partners

We receive a freight of products almost every day from all over the world- 35000+ products for professional and home use / 250+ brands / 3000 + sq. m. in stock

The goal of the SALON LINE assortment portfolio is to provide customers with a wide, high-quality, diverse range of professional products. To achieve this goal, the company always carefully selects and evaluates its existing and potential partners. SALON LINE has been cooperating with the world's leading manufacturers in professional beauty products or their official representatives for more than 20 years. The company's high financial rating, high tax payments, experience, professionalism, and loyalty have been highly praised by international partners. Considering its leading position in the region and the above-mentioned indicators, several cooperation partners are looking for opportunities to start cooperation with SALON LINE, however, we start cooperation after careful evaluation of partners.

SALON LINE is a specialized store with professional beauty products created for industry professionals and anyone interested in appreciating the high quality of goods and shopping safety. From the day of the founding SALON LINE until today, the range of products offered extends to more than 35,000 items. It is significant! SALON LINE's creative team regularly follows the industry's innovations, trends, and improves the range of products by choosing cooperation partners from all over the world.

The products offered by SALON LINE are popular among enthusiasts and beauticians who work with professional beauty products- individually or in salons, SPA centers, and beauty education institutions. SALON LINE is proud of the work of educational institutions in the industry and their contribution to the development of the industry. Additionally, we offer young professionals to acquire skills using professional, reliable, and quality products, as well as giving special offers for the purchases of practical materials.

SALON LINE presents professional and specialized beauty products that meet modern beauty salon standards, as well as offers to buy everything you need for daily beauty rituals for home use, products for various procedures in salons, and professional workplace arrangements.


We regularly and actively follow the latest beauty trends all over the world as same as, applied technologies in the beauty process. This allows us to offer our customers the latest and most demanded products for various beauty procedures in different price categories. We offer to visit the widest exposition of hardware technology, equipment, and furniture - SALON LINE showroom, Lastadijas street 14, Riga, 1st floor! We can help equip both- a specialist’s workplace and a large beauty center with several workplaces. We care about every customer.


SALON LINE owns the largest warehouse of professional beauty cosmetics, electrical appliances, equipment, and furniture in the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe (3000+ sq.m.). Thanks to the company’s financial capabilities, large warehouse, and continuous deliveries of goods from all over the world, we can ensure the availability of a wide range of goods on-site and fast delivery of goods. There are 35000+ different products on site for your beauty and well-being which are designated for the industries professional outstanding work.

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