Ultrasonic peeling Skin Scrubber Ultra
Ultrasonic peeling Skin Scrubber Ultra
Ultrasonic peeling Skin Scrubber Ultra
Ultrasonic peeling Skin Scrubber Ultra

Ultrasonic peeling Skin Scrubber Ultra

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Ultrasonic peeling cosmetology device is designed for ultrasonic peeling (skin cleansing) P-2 MODE , phonophoresis (administration of drugs under the influence of ultrasound) P-1 MODE. The procedures are used to rejuvenate, moisturize the face, cleanse the skin, treat cellulite, scars, stretch marks with the introduction of special preparations.

There are three types of waves involved in the scraber: constant, variable and combined constant-variable.

3 cleaning and peeling programs:

Discovery of comedones (elimination of acne, blackheads - the procedure is aimed at cleansing the pores)
Closed comedones (working with milia without compromising the integrity of the skin. To achieve the effect, several procedures are required. Regular procedures prevent the formation of milia).
Hyperkeratosis (peeling directly with a toning effect. Skin rejuvenation is stimulated).

2 programs in phonophoresis mode:

The program "smoothing wrinkles" - the local introduction of stimulating and anti-aging drugs.
'Antimelanin' - promotes the destruction and elimination of melanin, local administration of bleaching agents.

Procedure duration timer (1 - 30 min.) Intensity adjustment for all programs.
Ultrasonic peeling / phonophoresis program, microgalvanic program.

The device is a generator of ultrasonic vibrations and a transmitter - an electrode. A piezoelectric transducer was used to obtain ultrasonic vibrations. If a piezoelectric crystal is acted upon by an alternating electric field, then mechanical vibrations arise in it, which, when in contact with the medium, are transmitted into it in the form of elastic waves. The propagation of an ultrasonic wave occurs according to the laws of acoustics. Reflection and refraction depend on acoustic impedance; the harder the medium, the greater the reflection. Refraction of an ultrasonic wave occurs at the interface between the media. The ultrasound beam can be refracted or reflected, depending on the density of the medium, when passing from one tissue to another.
Ultrasound skin scrubbers

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