Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...
Beauty device with 4 functions -...

Beauty device with 4 functions - cavitation, 3D radio frequency, IR biophoton, vacuum

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Ultrasonic cavitation cosmetology device Slim System LOOK-L3
It is a powerful professional device for aesthetic medicine salons and clinics.
Everything you need for an active weight loss program is in the LOOK-L3.
The LOOK-L3 cosmetology device has 4 functions combined in 4 attachments:
1) Cavitation
2) Multipolar RF + Vacuum + IR Therapy
3) Bipolar RF + IR therapy
4) Bipolar RF + Vacuum + IR therapy
The device has touch control and automatic work programs.
Cavitation is a procedure for destroying fat cells by creating cavities in them - caverns.
The caverns collapse and create a shock wave, increasing the pressure inside the adipocyte.
The membrane of the fat cell bursts, the cell is destroyed. Liquid content of destroyed cells
excreted from the body by natural lymphatic drainage routes.
After the cavitation procedure, a lymphatic drainage procedure is mandatory.
Active lymphatic drainage massage is performed using vacuum action.
Combination in 1 nozzle of vacuum exposure and Infrared Light therapy
promotes active toning of blood vessels, heating of tissues and effective outflow
fluids from the intercellular space.
Under the influence of suction in the nozzle, the skin and soft tissues are drawn into the inside of the nozzle,
where there is an active deep study of soft tissues over a large area at the same time.
Thanks to this, blood and lymph circulation improves, stagnation is eliminated,
toxins and remnants of destroyed fat cells are removed, metabolism is improved,
the processes of tissue regeneration are accelerated.
As a result of the vacuum action, the body is supplied with blood, oxygen and nutrients.
Infrared radiation - heat or IR radiation is
electromagnetic radiation with a longer wavelength than visible light, but less than
ultra-high frequency waves. The wavelength range of such waves varies from
700 nanometers to 1 millimeter. Irradiation with IR light produces a vivid thermal effect,
which accelerates metabolic processes in tissues, activates redox
body reactions.
RF lifting is a rejuvenation method that has been successfully used to smooth the skin
face and neck, to correct the oval of the face, to tighten the body skin that has lost its elasticity
after fast weight loss. This method allows you to control the heating of the dermis, accelerates
circulation. Also, the RF triggers compensatory mechanisms that promote collagen production.
The RF lifting procedure has an immediate and delayed effect.
The immediate result is a visible facelift immediately after the first time
procedure. It manifests itself as a consequence of coagulation of protein structures and local edema
papillary dermis.
A delayed result appears some time after completing the course, due to
activation of the synthesis of its own collagen.
As a result, this device allows solving a whole range of aesthetic problems:
- Weight loss, cellulite treatment
- Body shaping
- Face and body skin lifting
- Increased skin turgor and elasticity
- Acceleration of metabolic processes in the body
- Increasing the general tone of the body.

Cavitation frequency 40KHz
Cavitation Mode: 5 Programs
RF frequency: 2MHz / 4MHz
RF working mode: 3 different modes
RF Polarity: Bipolar & Multipolar
Vacuum power: 650 mm Hg / 0.8 Bar
IR light: Red 650 nm
Display: 7 'LCD touch screen

Multifunctional devices
RF Radiofrequency

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