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Pressotherapy equipment AirPressure Slim
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Pressotherapy equipment AirPressure Slim

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The device for slimming with air pressure is a multifunctional equipment that combines such functions as losing weight, removing toxins from the body, massage and others. It is widely used in many areas, and has already received good reviews from cosmetologists. In addition, many surgeons also take advantage of the principle of operation of this device for the treatment of their patients. This device has a certain effect on the circulatory system, the digestive system, muscle tissue, adipose tissue and other organs and body systems. Due to the physical reaction, it has a positive effect on the human body and, at the same time, does not have any side effects. Compared to traditional methods of burning fat and removing toxins from the body, for example, by taking medications, this device works safer and more efficiently. Thanks to the wide liquid crystal display, the device is very easy and simple to operate. Therefore, it is convenient to use it in beauty salons, nursing homes  and other institutions for professional procedures aimed at losing weight, removing toxins from the body and other treatments in order to get rid of acne and fatigue (fatigue).

3 programs: A / B / C. Air pressure maintenance and release are different
10 levels of adjustable strength / pressure
prepared 3 programs: whole body / arms + legs / abdomen
operating pressure: 0.26 - 0.32 bar / 195-240 mmHg. (maximum pressure: 0.4 - 0.5 MPa)
suit: 2 parts for hands, 2 parts for legs, 1 part for abdomen, air tubes
sturdy suit (divided into sections) from individual parts - comfortable to put on
clear and simple operation
wide LED display. Shows where the air is blowing
Start / Pause button
time setting: 1-60 min. the time is shown on the display
power: 75 W

Wide use: for correction / slimming of the figure, removal of toxic substances, massage, well-being. Has a positive effect on the internal metabolic system without any side effects. Can be combined with body wrapping procedures - at the same time perform a lymphatic drainage procedure. Recommended stability 8-15 k.


Connect all hoses to the main unit and air bags. Turn on the power switch on the back of the main unit. The display will show that the "PROGRAM" value is "A"; The "TIMER" value is "15"; The ENERGY value is "04". The main unit is in standby mode
Wrap the air bag around the user’s body. When wrapping, be careful not to wrap too much so that the user is not in pain when inflated too much.
Select the desired time and air pressure
Select a mode. A total of three modes are available: A, B and C

Mode A. All compartments are inflated in 8 seconds, then the air is released and circulated twice. Each section is then filled with air for 8 consecutive seconds and filled continuously, with air being released for 5 seconds at the same time. This is the whole cycle
Mode B. Each compartment is inflated with air in 3 seconds in a row, and the filling time of the last compartment is 5 seconds. Next, all air is released in 5 seconds. This is the whole cycle.
Mode C. The air is inflated separately in 10 seconds, then released in 3 seconds. This is the whole cycle

5. Choice of body area. You can choose from three work areas: arms + legs, abdomen and whole body. You will see the workflow on the screen.

6. After selecting all the above settings, switch on the main unit by pressing its "START / PAUSE" button. All buttons can be adjusted during operation, and the duration of operation depends on the last setting

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