PIGMENTS .22 Ultra...

PIGMENTS .22 Ultra Violetultra-concentrated pigment 90ml

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Ultraviolet from the Pigments line is a hair color that preserves and guarantees the quality of violet shades and and enriches dark and very dark color with highlights. It can be mixed with a wide variety of products to revive and keep colors looking vibrant and bright. Has a powerful anti-yellow action. Features: - suitable for all hair types - natural, chemically colored and bleached - latest-generation dyes that intensify and enrich any ALFAPARF MILANO service with extraordinary tones - they adapt perfectly to any cosmetic environment - they can be mixed with a wide variety of products to revive and keep both natural and cosmetic colors looking vibrant and bright. HOW TO USE: mix pigment with the selected ALFAPARF Milano product in the dilution ratio indicated below; then proceed with the service. HAIR TREATMENT (10:1): 10 g Shampoo/Conditioner/ Mask/Vial + 1g pigment (2 pumps) HAIR COLOR (20:1): 60g Color + 90g Oxidant + 3 g pigment (6 pumps) SHAPE (10:1): 80g Smoothing Fluid + 8g pigment (16 pumps); 100g Neutralizer + 10g pigment (20 pumps) STYLING: 0.25 g each application (1/2 pumps) Do not use for eyelashes and eyebrows!

For color endurance
For hair toning
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Toning hair colors


Always at the forefront. ALFAPARF MILANO is now Italy's leading brand in the professional hair sector. And always looking towards the future.


Here for you and your hair. Hair needs more than just care; it deserves attention! Reveal your hair's true beauty with ALFAPARF MILANO - whatever your hair type. And every day is the right day.

Color is the perfect tool for expressing the real you: ALFAPARF MILANO hair products help you embrace change and reveal all the facets of your personality. We support your choices with every shade.

ALFAPARF MILANO hairstylists are driven by a desire to share their passion and inspiration. We want to expand our community of creative professionals and promote beauty know-how.

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